Program's Details

Sightseeing Tours

City walking or country driving tours

Cultural historical tour of Kanazawa and area attractions.  Hear the history of the Kaga Kingdom from the side of Utatsuyama overlooking Kanazawa. The Farmers' Rebellion, the City of Temples, Edo Jidai, the Meiji takeover are explained while visiting some of the many significant sites including the Maeda Samurai-era Kanazawa Castle and Kenrokuen Gardens, Myouryuuji "Ninja Temple," (Geiko) tea-houses, and art, trade, or historical museums. Full day walking and driving tour. ¥10,000 ($78/€70).

Ski and Snowboard

Nearby Ishikawa slopes or overnight trips to Nagano/Niigata slopes (depending on conditions)

Mountain climbing/nature trails/camping

Two-to-six-hour mountain hikes with no technical climbs, no roping.